Web Designing & HTML


This course is an Initiation to Design and Development of Websites according to current industry standards, an overlook to technical terms like WWW, HTTP, Domain and functioning and Outlook of Websites are part of the introduction to students. Designing part involves mostly involves HTML 5 and CSS programming which are basics for front end developing. As Industry trends by integrating open source platforms Like PHP and Python programming for creating dynamic, responsive and sites enhanced for mobile use. We not just motivate students to be creative but by giving them training through practical classes and live projects to make them capable for industry by mentoring.

Web Designing & HTML

The latest tools for web page designing and front end developers and Basics of Html, JavaScript, CSS for designing. How to create page structures and basic web pages to create content and modifying HTML Formatting, Create Hypertext links, designing layouts. This module is suitable to include initial hand coding and web development knowledge

Responsiveness & Mobility

In this module the requirements and advantages for mobility of websites are introduced, as you can imagine that more and more mobile phones used by consumers the need for mobile-friendliness or mobile responsiveness of your website cannot be ignored even if you are using PHP for coding. We know that mobile responsiveness today is the key to success for any website or blog and this module will explain you complete knowledge of mobile responsiveness.